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Ukraine Russia FlagsThis blog is dedicated to bite-size pieces covering different topics related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. It will be updated with further articles over time and try to offer a more comprehensive picture of the conflict.


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Human dignity is inviolable - Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar

By Bishop Dr Franz-Josef Overbeck, Catholic Military Bishop for the Federal Armed Forces

Bishop Overbeck's perspective on the war against Ukraine

Orthodox churches in the war in Ukraine

By Kathy Rousselet, researcher at the CERI, Sciences Po. / translated by Katharine Throssell

More than two months ago, Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine. On February 21, he recognised the independence of the two separatist Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics”. On February 24, he ordered Russian troops to enter Ukraine to “maintain peace”, yet the war has already claimed thousands of lives. The Russian army is bombing the birthplace of Rus’ Christianity, the origin of today's Ukraine and Russia. It was in the Rus’, that the Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir, was baptised in 988.

Human rights don't know national flags

By Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kostka

Human rights do not recognise national ensigns. Regimes like Putin's machinery of power can only be opposed if humanity and democracy apply to everyone. Especially in this time when democratic states should stand together and use democracy and humanity as the best defense - of course with all clarity and the necessary measures against dictators who trample on human rights.

Krieg und Zeitenwende – War and Dawn of a New Era

By Dr. Sebastian von Münchow, Course Director, George C. Marshall Center

The list of requirements was tough: Russia claimed against NATO, among other things, not to affiliate any further Eastern European states. This was rejected by the West. On February 24, 2022, Russian forces attacked Ukraine from multiple directions. What does the Kremlin want to achieve? What is at stake for the West? How does Germany react?

War of Aggression – A New Reality?

By Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Elßner, Vice President, EuroISME

How should a Christian deal with war and unjustness? Everyone has the inherent right of self-defense. But violence is a means of last resort.

A catastrophe with an announcement

By Prof Dr. Johannes Varwick

A permanent escalation cannot be the solution. So we have to freeze the conflict, thereby stabilizing the situation and intellectually preparing for better times. This is not happening at all in western politics at the moment. One acts as if sanctions would solve the problem. But that's just where the problem begins, because a state that's been hit to the core won't play by our rules.

A turning point in security policy

By Prof. Dr. Herfried Münkler

We glossed over the circumstances, pushed aside what we didn't want to see, suppressed what we saw, and from a security policy point of view we declared the worst-case scenarios to be quite improbable so that we could concentrate entirely on the best-case scenarios.

War and Peace, staged in 2012, screened at the Golden Mask festival

An Epic of Defiance? Ukraine 2022

By Patrick Mileham, EuroISME BoD member

This brief statement is to warn against indiscriminate reliance on the term ‘narrative’. While events unfold day-by-day participants can be deceived about ‘war aims’ and ‘campaign-plans’ and, how the actual fighting is progressing towards hypothetical ‘end-states’, acceptable or unacceptable.


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