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Replied by Manfred Rosenberger on topic Comments to the blog "Views on War in Ukraine"
Dear Professor Kostka, first of all, I thank Caritas and all other relief organisations for their dedication in trying to help the traumatized refugees, especially women and children, when they arrive in safe harbours, like Germany. Any kind of assistance is not only a sign of solidarity but also of consolation in a moment of disorientation.But at least as important is your call to become politically active and to require compliance with universal human rights - even more actively than before!
With words and deeds, EuroISME tries to influence the education and training not only of the soldiers, but of all decision-makers in the context of the armed forces of all nations.
As we can see now, Peace Ethics and ethically responsible behavior are by no means anchored in all military operational handbooks and in combat training programs and principles... Despite many setbacks, EuroISME is always unequivocally committed to induce fundamental changes here.
Your contribution to the discussion strengthens our commitment, with which we want to send a strong signal at the upcoming Annual Conference 2022 in Budapest .
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