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4th EuroISME Webinar – 20 Years of War in Afghanistan: Experienced Ethical Chall

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Feel free to comment on the 4th EuroISME Webinar (03 May 2021) on the topic
20 Years of War in Afghanistan: Experienced Ethical Challenges and Lessons learnt - can we foster a common European perspective?

We welcome your comments after the webinar, but if you have specific questions or want to add something to the discussion ahead of the webinar, the forum is also open alreaday.

More information on the webinar: 

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Dear Kristina, Dear Dragan,
I sincerely congratulate you and the whole webinar-team for the successful preparation of this very prominently featured webinar !
It ran perfectly and the panelists adressed an important number of items in an amazingly frank mode!
I really hope that you had the large attendance you merited ?

The recording of the whole webinar is extremely valuable : many moments are really worth to be re-viewed...

I hope that many attendees use the forum and stimulate a fruitful discussion ;-)

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